Saturday, August 8, 2015

Preventing Snake Bites

Couple of weeks, staff at KCH helped to put together a leaflet on preventing snake bites . . .

The cartoons have been done by Mrs. Blodwen Shankar.

The English translation is as follows -

1. When you go out of home at night, please use a torch or some other light source. If you don't have a light source, use a rod to tap the ground heavily as you walk.

2. When you cut grass or pick vegetables or fruits from a bush, use a small stick to probe the place and clear the vegetation where you'll place your hand.

3. When you collect dry leaves or twigs from the floor, use a stick to probe the place from where you'll pick the leaves/twigs.

4. When you remove anything from your attic or machaan or the shelves of your home, use a torch and stick. Be vigilant about snakes hiding there. Don't put your hand or feet into a dark area without looking.

5. Keep your surroundings clean. Don't allow rats to thrive inside your home. Dirty and unkempt surroundings encourage breeding of rats which in turn attracts snakes.

6. There is a higher chance of your being bitten by a snake if you sleep on the floor.

7. Don't grow plants near windows and doors. If you have climbing/creeper plants climbing onto your house, snakes can enter your home with ease.

8. When you move about in areas with dense foilage, use a long stick to clear the vegetation as you move. Boots, full pants and full sleeves shirt can help you avoid fatal snake bites

Please feel free to use the above material. You can contact me at for the cartoons in jpeg format. 

On the backside of this leaflet was also information on first aid to be given in case of snake bite. That would be my next blog post . . . 

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