Monday, March 18, 2013

Plastic Surgery . . .

The term 'plastic surgery' conjures up images of perfect smiles, chin lifts, ironed out crease lines of the forehead, smoothened wrinkles for most of us . . .

We've been privileged to have Dr. Ron Hiles from England coming almost every year to teach and facilitate our surgeons to do 'plastic surgery'. Most of the time, it involves straightening out contracted limbs following accidents . . . especially burns . . . most of them neglected when they should have been well taken care of. 

Accompanying Dr. Hiles is Ms. RuthAnn Fanstone, an accomplished Physiotherapist, also from England who specialises in burns management. 

Since Dr. Nandamani is away on a long leave, we've requested him also to be around when these special surgeries take place. This year, it's going to be another milestone for us as a new physiotherapy graduate, Ms. Sheron Mathew from the Christian Medical College, Vellore would join us.

And for the first time, we tried some advertising on the radio. For most of us, it's a forgotten means of communication media. But, it still holds fort in remote areas such as ours. 

We've already got about 15 patients lined up only for the 'plastic surgery'. Cases as severe as the burn contracture in this one year old child . . .

. . . to the love-stuck young man who realised the folly of permanently tattooing his first love's name on his forearm. 

There would be quite a lot of patients who would not be able to pay for their surgeries. If you would like to make a contribution to help us subsidize the cost, please get in touch. 


  1. That poor baby. I hope that 1 yr old has the surgery and gets some use of the hand. The teen boy just makes me shake my head. Maybe he needs a visual reminder to not be so impulsive.

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