Friday, March 29, 2013

Fryums . . .

If you are not an Indian, you would not know much about what this post is about. Fryums is basically a cereal (flour and corn starch) based 'ready to fry' pellets. It is quite a popular snack in many a Indian homes. I remember having it in the evening after coming back from school. 

It was very much recently that I was re-exposed to this snack. And of course, our kids took a great liking to it. Today, I had gone to the market and at the usual shop where we buy this item, there was quite a large varieties to offer. 

I could only buy 5 of the umpteen varieties. Below is a snap of a plate of the snack. I'm not sure about how healthy they are. But, I tell you, it's a great relief to have this occasionally to cheer up the kids. 

Below are snaps I tried to take with my cell phone in the grocery shop. 

WARNING: I do not know the nutritious value of this snack. I am also not sure about any possible harm that can be caused by the regular intake of such snacks. I could not find any information about the above two aspects anywhere.


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