Monday, October 10, 2011

Hard working and over worked . . .

We have been always hearing about the less number of healthcare personnel especially doctors available to work in the rural and remote areas of our country. It is no secret that even public health facilities at the district level run with skeleton staff and inadequate infrastructure.

Yesterday morning, our local newspaper carried out a front page article on the lesser number of doctors available to serve the nation.

'No doctors, how will there be treatment'

There were statistics given about the statistics of shortage at the state (Jharkhand)level and the national level.

However, more interesting was a small article within the main article narrating the story of one of the senior doctors in Latehar district hospital who apparently fainting during his duty following severe exhaustion caused by continuous work.

I've heard about the goodness and sincerety shown by Dr Harold Hansda in his work. The question remains on how much people like him get appreciated. I will certainly run into him some day. And I shall tell him that I appreciate the work ethics shown by him. Hope that there will be more doctors who can work at least selflessly to some extent, if not to the extent shown by Dr Hansda.


  1. Dear Dr Kuruvilla,
    It is indeed sad that people who actually perform are usually not very vocal. We may never know about their hard & good work unless an effort like yours is made in this direction. Our public health blogs are full of problems faced by all kinds of people but they rarely, if ever, talk about the silent crusaders. Well done. Much appreciated. On my part, I'll take the messasge forward & share it with my friends.

  2. come back all indian docs.give something to ur motherland,not just suggestions.bring change,start wth urself.