Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cold . . . Wreaking havoc

Many of us think that it’s only drought that destroy agricultural crops. A downside of the very harsh winter which also brings about beautiful scenes of nature is the havoc it wrecks on agriculture. 

Kindly see the following snaps.

This is potato crop which has been destroyed because of extreme cold in villages around NJH.

Below is the very small potatoes which have been dug up from the destroyed crop.

However, there are crops which does not get much affected like green peas, cabbage.

Another way to prevent such sort of damage is to do inter-cropping like the snap given below. If you look carefully, you can see tomato, potato, brinjal and mustard in the same vegetable patch.

We hope that the temperatures would not go down any further . . .  However, the farmers tell us that it is not about the temperatures going down . . . rather, it is the severe fluctuations in the temperature that is causing all the damage . . .

That's climate change for you . . . 

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