Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Heights of Ignorance

If you search my blog, there is a post with a similar title written on September 3, 2013.

I was aghast at finding a similar report in our local newspaper few days back.

Below is the clip.

The headline screams - Superstition: Buried dead body of girl exhumed on instructions from traditional medicine-man. Medicine-man claims that dead girl will live. 

The news report is about a family who lost their 6 year old daughter after a snakebite. After the dead body of the girl was buried, a traditional medicine-man turned up who claimed that the girl is not dead, but alive. The family readily exhumed the dead body. However, when the family shifted the body for witchcraft, the local temple priest declared that the girl was dead. 

The incident happened in Kankari village, which is 11 kilometers from the Palamu district headquarters of Medhininagar, previously called Daltonganj. 

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