Friday, December 16, 2011

X-Ray Spine Finding . . .

The X-Ray given below is of a 65 year old man who came with severe back pain and evening rise of temperature since the last 2 weeks. In addition to the extensive amount of osteophytes, we just could not come to a conclusion on a faint homogenous opacity jutting out to the left at L3-L4. His ESR is 124 mm.

Kindly throw light if anybody has a clue about what it could be.


  1. Please post the lateral view as well. I ll be glad to help you out for xray reads for your hospital.

  2. also, on the AP view correctly there is extensive osteophytosis, degenerative changes. Osteoporosis. Shadow that you have marked looks like paravertebral ossification not TB, lateral view spine and CXR would help

  3. Thanks Sumer for your offer. @ Jeevan: I'm sure you won't get a better radiologist than Sumer. Highly recommended.