Thursday, September 20, 2012

Praise and Prayer Bulletin . . . 20th Sept

It has been almost a month since we've had the praise and prayer bulletin. There are umpteen number of reasons, the first and foremost being the huge increase in the patients accessing our services. To have some sort of an idea, here is couple of graphs, the first one is that of our outpatient load and the second one, our inpatients . . . 

Outpatients over the last 5 years

Inpatients over the last 5 years. 

Of course, our first praise point would be the above 2 graphs. However, along with the praise point comes the prayer point for more qualified people to serve along with us. The rest of the points are the following - - - 

1. Last week, we've hosted a Community Health Training Programme at NJH. We thank the Lord that everything went fine and the participants had a wonderful time. 

2. Over the last couple of weeks, we've had quite a number of very sick mothers who came with either eclampsia or rupture uterus. We thank the Lord that we are continually being used to avert almost certain maternal deaths. We also thank the Lord for the safe delivery of Somalika, our consultant ophthalmologist's daughter who went into uncontrolled severe pre-eclampsia. The baby and mother are doing fine so far. 

3. We thank the Lord for Sr. Meena Neema, one of the very senior nurses of EHA who has come to help us with organising our nursing services in the light of the increased demand of services. We also thank the Lord for Ms Alina who has come to help us in the office and stores. We also thank Premsewa Christian Hospital, Utraula who deputed her. 

4. The Lord has enabled us to make some major purchases for the hospital . . . a new Olympus microscope, some new Dental equipment, quite a lot of linen material etc. We thank the Lord for the resources. Kindly pray as we plan to purchase a new Operation Theatre table, Fowler beds for the Intensive Care Unit etc. Suggestions and donations for the same are welcome. 

5. We were having some problems with the Burns Unit construction. However, the issues have been resolved and the construction has been restarted. Kindly pray that we would be able to operationalise the unit as soon as possible. 

6. We thank the Lord for new staff . . .  Ms Ruth in Nursing Services, Mr. Ebez George and Ms Rachel in Community Health. Kindly pray that their tenure at NJH would be a time of blessing to each of them as well as that they would be a blessing to those around them. 

7. We have quite a lot of snake bite patients who come to us for treatment. There has been a shortage of Anti-Snake Venom of late. Please pray that we would be able to procure ASV before stocks run out. 

8. We have got a new generator which has helped us tide over the present power crisis. However, we would also need to sell couple of old generators and buy new ones. We thank the Lord as well as request prayers. 

9. Kindly pray that we would be able to purchase the school bus which continues to be a dire need for the children going to school.

10. We request prayers for a surgeon. Dr Nandamani tendered his resignation couple of days back. He would be leaving NJH by the middle of December. In addition, we also need a Medicine and Pediatric consultant. We request prayers for Nandamani's wife, Ango who would be attending her practical exams for the Diploma from the National Board in the speciality of Family Medicine. 

11. There is an effort being taken to bring the issue of poor maternal health of the region into focus especially from an academic and scientific perspective. Before I reveal details, could I request you to pray for efforts being taken. We plan a meeting on the 10th October for the same. 

12. Quite a lot of us have been travelling over the last month. Dinesh was away for almost a week attending training programmes in Delhi on Water Harvesting and Waste Water Management. I have been shuttling between Ranchi, Chandwa and Daltonganj attending meetings . . . Nandamani was away in Bangalore. He would again be travelling to Delhi the next week. The new projects in Community Health necessitates quite a lot of travelling. We thank the Lord for keeping us safe as we travel as well as request prayers for journey mercies.

13. We thank the Lord for Mr. Ravee (Duncan Hospital, Raxaul) and Mr. Nithi (Premseva Hospital, Utraula) who did our Internal Audit couple of weeks back. 
Mr. Resham, Mr. Neethi, Mr. Ravee and Mr. Majerus
14. There has been good rains over the last couple of weeks. We thank the Lord. 

15. We have a very high incidence of fever cases in our region since the last one month. Few of our staff were also sick. However, we thank the Lord that nobody became too sick to necessitate a referral. Please continue to pray for protection of staff and their families from sickness. 

(The other reason for the lull in putting up the bulletin has been very bad internet services over the last few weeks)

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