Thursday, June 13, 2013

Boat ride in the Neyyar Dam

Of course, the highlight of our trip to Neyyar Dam today was the boat ride on the Neyyar reservoir. 

For all our 3 kids, it was the first time they were on a boat. 

The charge was 600 INR for a 30 minute ride. The maximum number of people whom we could accommodate was 8. But, considering it was off season and raining heavily, there was nobody else to share our ride. 

So, we had the boat all for ourselves. 

Although we were unlucky to have the Lion Safari trip cancelled due to a fallen tree on the road to the safari, we saw a lion as we drove up the reservoir. I could not take a snap as my camera is not one of those high quality ones. 

But, oh my, the sceneries were really breathtaking . . . 

We could not take snaps of the Steve Irwin Crocodile Park as the rains played spoilsport. But, the newly built Fresh Water Aquarium was a treat to everybody. 

We've promised ourselves that we're coming down for a long visit coming October. 


  1. I had visited when i was a tiny girl. Remember absolutely nothing. Great shots of the place.

  2. Vast water..... Lovely scenes very well captured..... Thanks for the share.....

    You may also find Kenfolios interesting......