Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Opportunity in Mumbai

Kindly see this request that was sent by Andi and Dr. Sheba, who are quite dear to us. Andi had started off the Community Health Project, (Disha) at NJH 14 years back. And the Tuberculosis Unit which covers a population of about 700,000 in Palamu district has it's origins from the DOTS Centre started by Mr. Andi during his time at NJH. 

At present, Andi and Sheba facilitate caring of people with HIV-AIDS in Thane, Maharashtra. 


Jeevan Sahara Kendra is a project of the Bethany Trust, Thane, Maharashtra. It was started in 2003 with the objective of providing whole person care to people living with HIV/AIDS.

By God's grace we have a good home-based care team who help patients in their homes along with the help of the local church.

All these years we have also been caring for very sick patients in the centre, who cannot go anywhere else for their treatment. This has been on a very small scale due to lack of space and also lack of medical personel. We are eye witnesses to the transformation work of God in these lives as they have been prayed and cared in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

God has graciously provided us with enough space to have a 10-bedded inpatient care centre. This will be exclusively used to care for HIV patients when they are sick.

We urgently need 4-6 nurses who will help provide the nursing care.

Qualifications for these nurses are as below:

1. GNM trained preferred. ANMs can also apply.

2. Must be a born-again christian.

3. Give a minimum 2 year commitment to work at JSK.

4. Must provide certificates/ document for:
   1. GNM / ANM training
   2. Character/ recommendation letter from church elder/ mentor
   3. Application for job and personal testimony.
   4. Commitment to work for 2 years at JSK.

Accomodation for single nurses will be provided in the Nursing hostel. Salary will be according to their years of experience. Starting salary for GNM is 13,000/- pm.

If you know anyone who fits the above requirements and is willing to work with us, we request you to please facilitate the process.

God bless you.


Anybody who is interested can send a message to my e-mail i.d - 

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  1. May Lord God use you all for Lord's Healing ministry...