Monday, September 6, 2010

BPL Cards

I've got a very unenviable seat in our hospital. It is very interesting to sit here and watch the motley of crowd who comes to the administrative office.

The one big group of people are relatives of post-natal women who had delivered at our hospital. They come to claim Rs. 1650 which is given as part of the Janani Suraksha Yojana. The most unfortunate part is that I do not think that even 80% of those who come and claim this amount really deserve it. As is the usual story, it is common to see that the actual needy would not have any sort of papers to claim this money. One of the necessaties is to possess a BPL card.

I had been discussing about this to my colleagues when one of them blurted out that 30% of my local staff in the hospital actually have BPL (Below poverty line) cards and they could claim benefit under the JSY scheme. Amazing.

I do not think I would be justified in making any critical observations on the unknown group of people who have nothing to do with me when mine own staff are making a mockery of the entire system.