Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Stray Leopard . . .

I wonder if anybody had read about a stray leopard which entered a house in Daltonganj, our nearest town. It sent quite a shivers down many a spine here, as our hospital is very much in a heavily forested area. I never thought that the news was in the internet till I saw the reports in TOI. Of course, it was big news in the local press. 

There had been quite a lot of deforestation and the very bad drought over the last few years had dwindled the wild animal population. 

However, the recent intrusion of this wild cat is an indication that the wild animals may have returned to the Palamu Tiger Reserve. Newspapers later reported that the foresters estimated that there were over a 100 leopards in the reserve area. There was much joy about a year back, when the forest officials reported rare sightings of the animal in trap cameras set in the reserve. 

Good news for wild-life, but frightening for many of us here. The leopard has been released back into the reserve. 

Now, we would need to be careful about venturing out in the dusk . . . especially going for calls etc. in the night. 

I would definitely like to see one. But, not inside the campus . . . roaming around. 


  1. oh! Hope all is fine now. Well it takes this thing like a thief enters your house, you will definitely throw him out. A lot of deforestation has occurred and we have become thieves for them now. With no place to go they eventually land in our neighborhood! Take Care!

  2. I am filming leopards living in close proximity of human habitations. I will release a making of film.. and should wrap up my film in the next two months. I am still looking for any other leopard story from other areas of India. Frankly speaking you should not fear leopards. They will come very close to us in search of food and stealthily move away. They fear us. They will look for a dog, goat, rabbit and even catch a rat from the field. We human beings unnecessarily fear them. Lets have some compassion for these beautiful creatures struggling to survive.

    You can find more about it in

  3. A similar and hilarious incident had happened 4 years backwhile i was working for a short while in a tribal area near Chittar, Kerala.
    There had been reports of leopard sightings ever since i had reached the place. there were incidents were pets were hurt and hens and ducks killed by the leopard. then late one evening a local woman was cooking rice in the chulha and was irked at the sight of what she thought of as a stray dog trying to get into the verandah. she drew a burning wood out of the fire and struck the 'dog' with it. the creature let out a cry and that was when the woman saw that she had hit the leopard that was terrorising the village. the poor woman fainted in the shock as the leopard ran away with relief.

  4. That is not a leopard, it is a jaguar.
    I see it by its face & spots.

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