Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Introduction to Female Feticide

The snaps contained in this post are quite hideous, repulsive, very sickening . . . very unpleasant . . . all synonyms one can think about something very nasty and distasteful. Please view with discretion and ensure children are not around when you view this post. 
The following incident was my first exposure to the ghastly practice of female feticide in the country.

This happened in 2003 while I was in NJH as a junior doctor. I had lost all these snaps till I found them in a old CD which was kept in our office. 

I took some time deciding whether I should post this here. 

It was towards winter of 2003 when a lady was brought in by her family in vague complaints of bleeding from the vagina. She was in shock and sepsis. We did an ultrasound which showed a contracted uterus with some retained products inside. The relatives agreed that she had an abortion. They said she was 3 months pregnant. 

One of our senior consultants took her in for a curratage of the uterus. In the theatre, he discovered that the uterus was perforated after the sound he put into the uterus went all the way in.

He took a decision to operate her. 

And this was what we found inside the peritoneal cavity. 

A macerated dead GIRL baby of approximately 28 weeks gestation

And this is the posterior wall of her uterus. 

The photographs say it all. An attempted septic abortion where the abortionist had perforated the posterior wall of the uterus and baby slipped into the peritoneal cavity. 

Such incidents continue to happen. Couple of weeks back, one of my local acquaintance confided that there was a maternal death in our nearby village about 6 months back after the lady tried to abort more than half way through her pregnancy. 

Please excuse if this post has hurt you. But, this is reality. 


  1. Makes me wanna cry but you're right, unfortunately, this is reality. I won't be voting on Indivine, you know why :(

  2. So sad, this is why we need to ensure that women CONTINUE to get PROPER, high quality medical care for abortions. Otherwise, they end up in the back alley like this with sepsis and improper pre and post counseling. Nobody is FOR abortions, but it is an option many women feel they need to take for whatever reason, and with the diversity of beliefs in our country and the lack of sexual education and socioeconomic equality for our women abortion will always exist.

    The difficult part is that the line for 'where life begins' varies for different religions and different people. Some even believe it begins at intercourse and so reject the use of contraception (which to me seems like a wonderful social and educational support for women who will inevitably be sexually active). As medical providers it is our responsibility to 1)ensure the safety and health both mentally and physically of our patients no matter where they draw that varied and blurred line and 2)stay true to our own values

    the combination then may mean referring to a provider who CAN provide appropriate and quality healthcare for your patient.

    1. Wow. Really? You are looking at an abortion square in the face and all you can say is "So sad, this is why we need to ensure that women CONTINUE to get PROPER, high quality medical care for abortions"? That right is an abortion no matter if it is high quality "medical" care or not. Take a good look at those photos. You claim that nobody is for abortions, yet, all of you are whether you admit it or not.

  3. Abortion should be illegal unless its rape or life or death situation which is 5 to 10% of abortions done the rest are careless woman with no respect for life who tend to have multiple abortions ..its murder..its disgusting. .those poor babies

  4. Twenty-eight weeks. Six months. A pill, an IUD, a condom, a first trimester (12 wk) abortion in a clean medical facility. When the options are removed the above is the result. Rape and physical abuse is not going to end until women truly have equal rights and full autonomy. Femicide in a foreign country is another form of patriarchal control.