Thursday, March 29, 2012

Photo post . . . 28 March. . .

18 day old girl baby presenting to OPD with early breast development. There were no other features of precocious puberty.

This 35 year old man came to Emergency with history of cough and fever for 10 years. He was so breathless that I sent him straightaway to the ward and planned to evaluate him later. It turned out that he has visited almost all the best institutes in North India. On doing CT Scan, the diagnosis was staring at us – Interstitial Lung Disease. A not so common diagnosis in our place. I’m sure that there are a lot more undiagnosed cases. The saddest part was that nobody had told him about this diagnosis and the prognosis . . . 

A 60 year old man with a poorly managed supracondylar fracture. Resulting in a gunstock deformity.

CT scan of a 20 year old girl with focal seizures. Shows unilateral parietotemporal atrophy of the brain. I wonder what could be the cause. The history is of about 10 years duration.

This is a drain built by our local panchayat to facilitate smooth flow of household waste water. Unfortunately, it had got blocked. And see who’s breeding inside. Enough ammunition for a malaria epidemic.

The internet and cell phone connections at NJH has been dead over the last one week. Being the end of the financial year, it has been quite tough on us. Well, I found out a corner of my house where I could get good Airtel mobile connection. And this is the result. The funny thing is I get calls – and by the time I take the cell phone out from the hook on the wall, it gets cut. I must find where my earphones are . . .

Since, we just celebrated World TB Day, I thought about putting in couple of snaps of Chest X-Rays of TB patients. The first one - A very bad case of pulmonary tuberculosis with extensive destruction of the right lung and miliary mottling of the left lung. The patient has been on irregular anti-tuberculosis medication from a quack for quite a long time before he planned to visit us.

Chest X-Ray of another mismanaged pulmonary tuberculosis. This time it’s a lady.

A very bad case of atopic dermatitis with secondary infection. She had similar lesions in the nape of the neck too.


  1. Very informative post.Thanks. incidentally, my 79 year old mother who is an insulin dependent Type II diabetic mellitus patient, with kidney damage from antibiotics for recurrent UTIs and lung infections, also has had chronic itchy eczema/dermatitis for a few years now in the same areas as this woman on arms, neck and also on lower legs -this gets better and worse periodically but applying aloe vera cream several times during the day, massaging with a mixture of neem oil )1 part) and pure coconut oil (3 parts) before bath has left her hands, neck and legs free of secondary infections. We also apply baby oil after her bath and vaseline petroleum jelly at nights. These are not practical for poor people. The thing is to keep it moistened with pure coconut and neem or other locally available oils. Aloe can been grown around the home and sequeezed. For the itching we can also give what is called Doddapatra (kannada name) leaf juice which is a succulent palnt that smells like Tulsi. She no longer gets secondary infections. In 2011 November she developed a bad cellutis infection from scratching after ayurvedic treatment inflamed the skin condition and increased the itching. She had to be hospitalized. We have managed to prevent such hospitalization through above mentioned care.

  2. The girl has no early breast development.
    It's a very common phenomenon in newborn's - due to the mother's homones they develop a transient swelling of the breasts.
    It can occur in both male and female newborn babies and usually lasts only a few days and no treatment is neeccessary.

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