Sunday, November 13, 2011

Miracle baby 2

We had been quite concerned about one of our patients who had come to us with a very high blood pressure. As told in the previous post about KD, she was quite a high risk candidate and with no live baby - there was quite a lot of pressure on her from her husband's family. 

I tried to send her off to a tertiary care centre in Ranchi. But, the family was too poor to go beyond NJH. 

After admission, she went into labour. With a platelet count of 20,000/cu mm there was nothing much we could do other than arrange blood transfusion - which the husband readily did. 

The blood pressure responded to medications and she delivered a preterm baby girl of 1300 gms. It is about a week now since the delivery. The baby has done quite well so far and has been started on oral feeds. She has already started to gain weight and has a voracious appetite which is a good sign. 

I'm certain that we and KD experienced something which goes much beyond a chance happening of having delivered a live preterm baby after all the previous experiences of losing babies in the last trimester. And we praise God for that. 

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