Sunday, May 4, 2014

Rare Poison

May is usually a lean month for the hospital. 2 reasons - - - It is very very hot. It's auspicious wedding season. When patients come to NJH in May, it is only if they are very very sick. Obstetric patients try their best to deliver at home. If they arrive into labour room, it is usually when there is a complication. 

The largely empty Acute Care Unit
Yesterday, there was a little girl, 3 year old PD who reached the hospital unconscious. 

The history was that PD had eaten the seeds of a tree locally called 'Bahera'. She had gone to sleep for the night and then never woke up. It seems that these seeds were usually eaten by children. However, it was well known that one should not consume much of these seeds. It seems that PD had eaten too much. 

Seed brought by the parents for identification
We looked this up. Bahera is Terminalia bellirica

After the parents discovered that she could not aroused, they took her to the local Primary Health Centre. She was kept there till the evening after which the parents decided to bring her to NJH. 

On arrival at NJH, PD was gasping and was desaturating. We had got her intubated and she is being mechanically bagged. It is 24 hours since she got admitted. Her pupils are mid-dilated and fixed. She is maintaining saturation.

We're not sure on how to go ahead. 

Please pray for PD. 


  1. As this is also a herbal medicine, she might be suffering from some side effects too. Please consult some Ayurvedic Doctor and he could be a good help to understand the criticality. Please save that Child.

  2. Replies
    1. Unfortunately, she did not respond to any treatment. After 48 hours of mechanical ventilation, the relatives requested to remove life support and she passed away.

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