Saturday, June 28, 2014

Snake . . . Requests ID

We've doing some cleaning up in the hospital campus and our workers got hold of this snake. Commonly known as 'uduva', this snake is supposed to be very very poisonous and the locals believe that you're dead body if this bites you. As the name suggests, it means the creature flies . . .

Anybody knows the English name of this snake . . . The snake was about one and a half feet long . . .


  1. Not sure if my comment came through. Posting again. This snake is called the golden tree snake or flying snake (Chrysopelea ornata). It is NOT poisonous. That is a common mins conception. It glides from one tree to another

    1. I'm told it is the 'Trinket Snake' (Coelognathus helena). It is NOT poisonous contrary to local belief.

  2. @Jeevan : i have red your post and here is the Answer, This is a common Trinket snake..the most common species of trinket snakes..the scientific name is Coelognathus helena. and the one who comment above me stated it's a flying snake, no it's not.. you can do a Google search, This is a non venomous colubrid snake..and your post shows the myths of people about these totally harmless snakes...

    2nd thing.. you can't find poisonous snakes in Indian sub continent...only venomous and non venomous snakes here, there is a difference between poison and venom.

    Good day

  3. Yeah, you can eat a venomous snake, but you can't eat a poisonous one. Otherwise everyone in the US who eats rattlesnake would be dead.