Saturday, September 10, 2011

Photo post

It seems I've been writing too much prose in my blog. One of my friends suggested that I should put in more pictures. So, a mini photoessay today. Note: I'm on call today and the hospital is full. I should be able to share few stories if I get the time.

Snap 1: This can be scandalous. Well, this is one pint of blood which SD's husband (You can read more about it here and here) brought from Daltonganj. SD's hemoglobin on arriving to the hospital was 1 gm%. Till today morning, we have given her 3 pints of blood. After 2 pints of blood, the hemoglobin had risen to 2.6 gm%. The photograph I have here is of the 3rd pint.

It is obvious that the blood has been mixed with some other fluid. I've heard that they use Normal Saline to dilute one pint of fresh blood into 2 or 3 pints. I requested to do a hemoglobin of the blood being transfused. It was 5 gm%. I could not find the husband to tell him about it - but this is something common we find in this place.

Snap 2: I'm sorry that I had to black out his eyes inspite of him giving a consent for the photograph and publishing it. KD, 30 years old has been having these lesions on his face for the last 4 months. I hope you've noticed the thickened ears. Yes - Hansens's disease.

The disease is not supposed to be happening anymore in the country. We get quite a few cases every month. I've sent KD to the District Leprosy Officer to get free medications. The last time I had sent someone - he did not get. And we could not get the medicines in the open market for quite some time, before we found a supplier in Ranchi who sold it.

Snap 3: I wonder how this small boy should have the condition - herpes infection of his eyes and face. Usually seen in the elderly, I've not seen them to occur in children. Unfortunately, he had done some doctor shopping before he came to us. And whoever had seen him has started him on steroid ointments and eye drops.

The steroids have resulted in the condition flaring up and becoming more worse. I hope he gets better.

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