Saturday, July 14, 2012

Serving along with us . . . Prayer Request . . .

It has been quite a hectic week at NJH. As we are pleasantly occupied with serving the people of this region, we've always known that we could do with more help. Of course we have new projects, in disability, RSBY and Climate Change which have been approved and we are looking at the possibility of new people joining us in the Community Health Department.

In addition, we need at least consultants in Medicine and Pediatrics, couple of people in administration, a X-Ray technician and a Pharmacist.

All over EHA, we have realised the need for more people to join us. 

Last week our Director had come out with a letter of appeal for people to consider working alongside us. 

This weekend, could I request you to help us out with prayers that more people will join us . . . I'm sure that with a bigger and committed team we can work wonders and be the 'salt and light' for this region.

Of course, we are thankful for the people we already have, but we need more . . . Please do pass this post to people who you think would be of help to us . . . 

Maybe, who knows? The Lord could be calling you to serve with us . . . 

Prayerfully, Jeevan

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