Monday, August 20, 2012

Satbarwa's Niagara

We had gone for a trip to a hostel run by the Catholic Church in a place called Garu. It was quite a hectic day for the team as we had to see through approximately 300 children. There was an epidemic of fever going on in the place since one week and that was the reason we were called for.

After everything was over, the authorities in charge of the hostel asked us if we would like to visit a waterfall nearby. It was just about a kilometer and therefore we decided to visit. And wow . . . it was worth the trip.

Well, the trip was also quite picturesque too. A few snaps from the trip. Unfortunately, I was quite tired after a very hectic week. And was more tired after the camp. Thanks to our dentist, Dr Basil and our engineer, Mr. Dinesh who ensured that we have enough photographs of the trip.

The last picture was the best thing that our kids enjoyed during the journey. We had to cross 10 such sections of the river running over the road during the journey. And Dinesh, who drove us ensured that all those with the windows open got sprayed with the water. The snap would surely make it to the Annual Report next year.

Shall post details of the Medical Camp after I get the blood tests too.  

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  1. These are wonderful falls. You have captured them well. Nice post!