Friday, January 3, 2014


We were one of centers who were requested to be part of the Rotavirus Vaccine study,of which initial research answers have started to appear. Unfortunately, we do not get many cases of children with acute diarrhoeal disease. It's not that there are not much cases in the community.

The reason is that quite a lot of the community knows that we do not give much medicines.

ORS . . . that's the only thing you get when you go to NJH.

Now, if you go to a quack . . . I've had pictures of what they end up getting.

I got a one year old child with diarrhoea about a week back. The medicines which the quack had already prescribed.

The family expected me to prescribe more drugs.

When I told them that all these drugs are not needed, they left in a huff claiming that they know better doctors elsewhere. Of course, I've had worse cases before . . . And also similar cases who had gone to qualified doctors who got same type of treatment.

So, who's going to come to us ? ? ?

So much for our participation in the study . . . 

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