Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A solution for the mice . . .

It is quite some time back I had narrated the difficulties we were finding with mice in the hospital. As well as in our homes. There were quite a few who send in suggestions . . . most of them were based on putting poison baits and traps. There was one friend who suggested a cat. But, being a hospital, we never took that seriously.

However, since the last 2 months, we’ve had a very helpful occupant in the hospital. A kitten had adopted the hospital building as her home. Many a time, I found her sleeping comfortably on my chair. Once, my colleague mistook the little one for a large rat. And since I returned from holiday, I saw him at least once a day, sneaking along.

Considering the busy schedule, we did not have much time to chase the little fellow away. Over two months, he has become sort of part of the hospital.

Late evening today, as I went for rounds, I found the fellow taking a nap in the store room of the Intensive Care Unit. That was when I found the time to ask the staff about him.

The cleaning staff were all quite indebted to the kitten. It seems that the mice nuisance has come down to quite a large extent. Nurses confided that incidences of mice jumping out of cupboards, finding pinkish mouse babies under hospital linen etc. has almost become old stories. And maintenance records show me that the incidences of snapped wires inside medical equipment and air conditioners have  touched a record low.

Well, I was surprised. Here was most probably one of our most efficient staff serving us without any salary or appointment letter. The only thing he got was leftovers of food brought by patient.

I’m quite aware of the infections and problems that a cat can bring into the hospital. But, I’ve seen quite a lot of hospitals with cats all over the place.

I would have to soon decide on keeping him for good. But, cats select their masters rather than the other way around. Maybe, I should at least have a name of him, if not an appointment order.

There are already quite a number of names . . .  Osler, Napolean, Bismark, Bilroth, Kaiser . . . are few of the names under consideration. Would appreciate suggestions . . . even on the idea of throwing him out. 

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  1. What a nice story!!! Cats can also be a great comfort to those who are sick or lonely.