Thursday, November 15, 2012

Photo post . . . Nov 15, 2012

Some interesting snaps. Thanks to Dr Nandamani who took most of them . . .

A flowering tree in our campus. The violet flowers are really beautiful.
I wish that we'll have this tree all over the campus.
Anybody who knows the name of this flowering tree . . . 

This doc thinks that passing Diplomate of the National Board, Part 1 examination is a qualification

Pale tongue of the boy on comparing with grandfather . . . 

A well taken skin graft . . . 

Stones mined from the gall bladder of a patient . . . 

A fresh skin graft. 
E.g of Luke 10:19. This cobra was not killed with a stick.
A watchman in Madhepura Christian Hospital stepped on it's head. 
A very apt poem. Snapped from a wall hanging in Madhepura Christian Hospital
Dentition of a 10 year old girl with Down's syndrome. She had this multiple dentition before our dentist, Dr. Basil offered to remove it. The girl is doing well now. The procedure was covered under RSBY by which we could offer free treatment.


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  2. Great to see the gang at work-hope Nandu is staying longterm.