Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Post-burn contracture - Hand

About a week back, Dr. Nandamani was here for his bimonthly visit. Although it was a shorter visit than usual, we had quite a many surgeries. 

Of note, was a young man who was from one of the target villages of the Community Based Rehabilitation for the Disabled. This young man had approached our staff with a post burn contracture of his fingers which were quite expensive for him to get operated. 

Unfortunately, he did not have a RSBY card . . . however, we operated him for a cost of about 5000 INR although the actual cost was approximately 13,000 INR. 

Snaps of his hand before the surgery . . .

And the surgery in progress .. .. ..

Dr. Nandamani would be coming next on March 31st. He would be continuing his bimonthly visits till March 2015 when he would join the hospital back for good. 

There was one more young lady who also had a burn contracture of the finger following a neglected burn injury. A surgery has been done on her too. 

Please pray that both these young people would be able to use their hands well after the surgery. 

Both these surgeries may be quite simple ones for experienced hand surgeons. However, the fact remains that there are quite a many patients with such conditions who would never think about visiting a specialty centre where such surgeries are attempted - the first reason being the logistics of such a travel and the second being the cost . . . 

Surgeons such as Nandamani who chose to serve in underserved areas like ours are a blessing to countless people like these young people . . . 

I would also like to invite surgeons and other consultants who would like to come to us on a short-term period and do similar surgeries . . . Of course, the best time to visit would be from September to March .. .. .. well, December and January only if you can adjust to the severe cold. 

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