Friday, February 28, 2014

Very sick patients - request prayers

There has been lot of Community Health work going on over the last 3 weeks. The Lord has been gracious to us after we got some very favorable responses from few of the government departments. I just returned from a technical week celebrations by the local Krishi Vigyan Kendra and the Zonal Research Centre, Daltonganj who asked us to facilitate one day of farmer training. 

As I reached hospital, Roshine and the ACU staff were struggling and baffled by a 9 month old baby who had turned up yesterday late night very sick. She had kept almost Roshine and the Critical Care staff awake last night and it seems that she would continue to do today also. MK had been having diarrhoea over the last 4 days and she was being managed at home. She had suddenly become unconscious yesterday. 

She was gasping and badly desaturating when she reached NJH. The staff had to intubate her as soon as she reached. This 9 month baby weighed 14 kilograms. She was so chubby and in shock too. Roshine had to put an intraosseous line. She was improving over the day. But, she became worse towards evening. 

She continues to be on manual mechanical ventilation. 

Please pray for her. 

One more person we request prayers. AA, who came about 2 days back. AA had fallen from a height and ended up a paraplegic. Due to lackadaisical care, he developed a bad bed sore which was also neglected. He was brought in a very bad state and with probable pulmonary tuberculosis. 

We were very sure that he needed a miracle to recovery. We told of our limitations. 

They requested a referral to a higher centre. He had already been treated in Ranchi. 

Kindly pray that he would get good treatment in Ranchi and he would get healed. 

Our CBR program has already identified that falling from heights is one of the major causes of acquired disabilities in the countryside. And most of such villagefolk live miserable lives. 

As we explore further avenues of facilitating Community Based Rehabilitation, we pray for more skilled and committed hands . . . Do also remember Dr. Titus, who recently was accepted for post-graduate training in ENT at the Christian Medical College, Vellore would leave us in a couple of days along with his wife, Dr. Grace . . .  

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