Friday, August 8, 2014

Hospital Information System

Today is one of those days where our energies are being tested to its limits. 

Everything revolved around a computer crash-down after our Hospital Information Software went bust. And to our horror, we realized that we lost data from 11th July to 7th August. Everything, totally wiped off. 

We've been trying to find funds to obtain new software and hardware since about a year. The present arrangement of HMS has been on since 2006. However, things have not been going smooth since quite some time. Things had been kept on hold for long for want of funds. 

One of the major issues in remote and impoverished locations such as ours is the inability to raise capital. With an impending drought in the region, the future for increasing prices etc., thereby raising capital look quite bleak. The non-payment of dues from the government programs have only made matters worse. 

So . . . how much we need to somehow get our systems going once again smoothly? 

My IT manager says that he needs a minimum of 200,000 INR for the hardware and another 400,000 - 500,000 INR for the software. A welcome addition would be an additional 400,000 INR to equip all our officers with laptops. So that makes a total budget of around 1,000,000 INR (

Yes, we've had major plans for the IT department where the budget has been put at around 2,000,000 INR. However, that has not materialized so far. 

Meanwhile, please pray for the whole administrative team along with the nursing team and maintenance team who are working round the clock to ensure that things get back to normal by tomorrow morning with the old software.

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  1. There are lot of free and open source healthcare software. Better explore them and make use any of these suitable. It can save lot of amount and you can be able to get good community support.

    Best of luck for data recovery.