Sunday, July 10, 2011

NJH diary

Wanted to put in a list of cases which we have ended up managing here. Would appreciate your prayers too.

1. KD - 30 year old came in with pain abdomen and vomitting since 4th of July. We had made a diagnosis of Sigmoid Volvulus and she had improved symptomatically on conservative management, so much so that she took a discharge against medical advise. However, she came back in 2 days time with worser symptoms. We posted for an exploratory laporotomy - and she had a necrosed distal jejenum which needed resection anastomosis. Later we found out that she had gone for abdominal massage - which could have caused the condition. It is 3 days now, since the surgery and she is doing well.

2. SD - 22 year old primi who came with Eclampsia and Twin Pregnancy yesterday night. We delivered her by emergency LSCS. The babies are very small - however doing fine. However, her blood pressure remains quite high. Kindly pray for a quick recovery.

3. JP - 18 year old came with organophosphorus poisoning yesterday evening. He brought in quite sick after almost 4 hours after the poison intake. He had to be intubated - we've already pumped him with about 200 vials of atropine. He was weaned away from the ventilator today evening. However, he would have benefited from mechanically assisted ventilation.

4. MK - 14 year old who was bitten by a krait today early morning. Brought in after 4 hours of the bite with no pulse or blood pressure, she continues to be very sick. She continues to be in ventilator.

5. Today we had one lady with eclampsia who died suddenly after LSCS. We do not know the cause. She was quite sick on arrival. The relatives had made quite a lot of fuss although they were explained about the high risks associated with the condition. Kindly pray that there would not be any more problems.

6. Today, we had 3 patients who needed ventilator simultaneously. We have been planning for a ventilator - now I'm sure we need to accelerate the efforts. Kindly pray as we take a decision tomorrow to purchase a new ventilator.

There are 4 burn patients in the ward now. I would definitely like to share our experiences with their management especially the success that Dr Nandamani is experiencing after doing tangential excision and skin grafting on them. That would be in my next post....

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  1. Thanks for posting this Jeevan - we will be in prayer. Keep us up to date - very excited.

    Small suggestion - it would be good to put a page on which people can know how to contribute to the financial needs of the hospital. If you have a paypal or justgive account that would be good too.

    Blessings from the Eichers