Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eventful Day

Yesterday was eventful in many ways. The 75 odd general hospital beds were 100% occupied for the first time since many people could remember. There was not an inch to move. About 20 deliveries, 18 surgeries, a tubectomy camp which started from Monday and a host of fever patients resulted in that.

However, more significant was Dr Nandamani's first cholecystectomy in NJH. It was not the sort of case any surgeon wants as his first case in a new place. But, that is how it turned out. The clinical and sonological diagnosis was gall stones with infection of the gall bladder. After a course of antibiotics, the patient AM was posted for surgery.

Per-operatively, it turned out the gall bladder was very badly infected and was filled with pus and two large stones. The full excision of the gall bladder was not possible. Only a partial excision and removal of two stones was possible.

Kindly pray that the patient makes a smooth recovery.

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