Thursday, August 4, 2011

My new Bible

I thought I will advertise about the new Bible which I got hold of after a prolonged search for about 8 months. It's been about 2 weeks since I acquired a copy. I had heard about a year ago that the Bible Society of India had started production of a bilingual English-Hindi Bible, called Diglot.

Since, I was planning to come to North India, I was definite about getting hold of one. There were 2 sizes - a big one and smaller one. The big one was quite big and was difficult to carry around. I wanted the smaller one for mobility's sake.

Last week I was quite surprised to find out that there was one copy of the smaller one available at 'The Bible Centre' in Ranchi. It was 800 rupees - quite affordable for the bilingual type. For all those people who have to preach in Hindi with an English Bible, this is a very good alternative. Highly rated stuff for all those who usually read their Bibles in English but live in North India.

Later, I contacted the BSI Office in Ranchi and they have quite a number presently with them. After I told about this in our chapel, I've already got 10 people placing an order for the same. Quite a good number considering the cost - Rs 800.

I have already started enjoying reading the English and Hindi versions together. It is now quite easy especially to take studies for a Hindi audience. Otherwise, it used to be a painful long wait requesting someone to read out. And many a time, I would be searching for the Hindi word of a particularly difficult word in the middle of the preaching. So, anybody having any second thoughts - go for it before the stocks get exhausted.

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