Saturday, August 20, 2011


You may be wondering what this is. For graduates from private medical colleges and both the Christian Medical Colleges, I know what I’m going to talk about is unthinkable.

As I was writing articles for my blog, I got a call from Dr. Nandamani saying that there are quite a lot of patients pouring into the hospital. Since the last 3 days, all the beds in the hospital are full. Yesterday night and today morning, we have had problems with allotments of private ward rooms with patients’ bystanders almost coming to blows.

The situation in the general ward is worse. We are discharging patients quite soon now. So, as we departed for the evening, we’ve decided to make a consent sheet for patients who want to get admitted in spite of the space crunch. We thought that the wordings in the consent would turn away patients. But, I am mistaken.

So, I think for the first time after many years we have patients on the floor in NJH. I’ve heard about patients in the floor before the construction of Acute Care Unit and the new Maternity Block.

As I write this I’m reminded of my MBBS days in Trivandrum when we used to have patients on the floor. We had only about 20 odd beds each in the male and female wards and there used to about 60 admissions in each ward. So, we used to have a system of allotting floor spaces for patients. The sickest used to get the beds and as soon as they were better and if there was a sicker patient coming in the poor fellow would be demoted to the floor.

Sometimes it used to become hilarious. There have been many occasions when a ‘floor patient’ cannot be traced and then we find him/her happily sleeping under someone else’s bed. Then, there was another occasion when a patient's bystander who was taking a nap taken for clinical case session for the medical students. It was only after quite some time in the class that we knew that we had a normal fellow in front of us. Of course, he had a good snack and tea which we customarily used to arrange for patients coming for clinical case classes.

Well, anybody out there who would like to come and help us out – doctors and nurses. We have couple of more EHA units who need extra hands . . . My contact details are on the margins of this blog . . . S.O.S . . .

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  1. Though Floor patients are not uncommon in Govt. Hospitals of Paschimbango ( then WB ) , one mishap occured on 17.8.2011 in Calcutta National Medical College and Hospital. Two seriously ill patients were in the floor of the Male Medical ward. The on duty Staff Nurse infused AVS to a septicaemia patient who was just beside the Snakebite patient . There was no Bed number or like that , and both the patients were too serious to say their names. The septicaemia patient died just after infusion of the AVS. that created a lot of chaos and the matter is still under investigation.