Saturday, August 20, 2011


As I reached NJH with the new machine, I was like a little boy waiting to open and try out his new toy - so I was waiting for the opportunity to unpack the machine and and use it. There were quite a lot of things to be settled before I could get my hands on the same. However, I was glad that I could spend about ten minutes as soon as I was a bit free. Dinesh had already unpacked the machine and had positioned it on the lower shelf of the Boyle’s machine.

I was glad to have spend some time tinkering with it because I had a patient very soon. SD ( who had eclampsia and a live baby was the first customer for the ventilator. I was quite impressed with the performance expect for the fact that the warning lights did not come on when the patient started to breathe on her own at the end of the surgery. The theatre nurses, Suman and co. were also quite pleased as they were free from the business of manually pumping air into the patient’s lungs. They were quite free to do other things and it was helpful when the baby arrived as we had extra hands for the resuscitation.

The ventilator was brought into action in the surgery on KD too as she was also eclamptic.

Sr. Suman with KD after the surgery

So, from the initial impression, it has been quite a worthwhile purchase for us – saving quite a lot of muscle power and giving us additional hands.

Now, I wait for a time when I can use it in the ward – where the circuit which needs to be used to quite a different one. I shall update you on the same as soon as we use it in the ward.

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