Saturday, October 13, 2012

New faces on the block . . .

Over the last couple of months, we've quite a number of new faces gracing the NJH campus. We thank and praise the Lord for each one of them.

VANDANA KUJUR: Manager - Human Resources. An engineering graduate from Sam Higginbotham University, Allahabad and a Masters in Business Administration from Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi. This is her first job. The most important thing is that her grandfather, Theophilus Kujur was one of the first staff in the hospital. 
 This is ALINAH LUITHUI. Alinah was here at NJH for about 5 weeks after she was deputed to help with HR management before handing over things to VANDANA. Alinah almost looked a permanent staff in the office before she had to go back to her parent unit, Premsewa Hospital, Utraula. We thank the Lord for the time she spent here and pray that she would continue to be a blessing to people around her. 

EBEZ GEORGE, a non-resident Malayali, presently residing at Delhi found that his first job after he completed his Masters in Social Work would be along with us. He would be primarily working in the Disability Project based at Panki, which is about couple of hours drive from NJH. Ebez would be one of the first staff who would be based away from the hospital campus. Please pray that this initiative of placing staff within the community would be beneficial for the community and the hospital. 

 RACHEL BELDA RAJ resigned her job in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department of the Christian Medical College, Vellore to join us in the Community Health Department with primary responsibility of the Disability Project based in Latehar. Armed with a Masters in Social Work from the prestigious Madras Christian College, she would be blazing a new trail in Latehar district on our behalf. Please remember her in your prayers. 

AVINASH BISWAL, from Cuttack has joined the Community Health Team. He would assist the Disability Project team with base in Daltonganj. 

After quite a duration, we've had 2 GNM nurses posted from another EHA unit. Srs Ruth and Mimi are from Manipur and would be with us for at least the next 2 years.

Mr. AMIT BIHARI and Mrs JAGADHA  . . . Amit would be serving through the Disability Project with base at Daltonganj. Mrs. Jagadha is an RCH trained GNM nurse who's already quite busy in the labour room and NICU.

There are few more. But, I've not been able to get their snaps so far. There is Ms Sunita, Mr. Anand and Mr. Umesh who have joined the team. The new staff have already been a positive influence in the campus. We pray that they continue to remain so and that the Lord will use each of them for mightier things . . . 


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  2. Congrats Jeevan for the many newcomers. May God help them to work for His glory. Ronald.