Monday, June 17, 2013

Blogger's Dilemma

It's not quite long since I started to blog seriously. Although I had put my first post sometime in 2009, my serious blogging started from July 2011. Started off as a means to put across healthcare in a rural Indian healthcare and the challenges we faced in an environment which was quite different from what most of  the other colleagues in the healthcare faced, I soon found myself getting quite a large audience.

My friends told me that 500 readers in a month would be a good number for the sort of topics I plan to cover.

But, I found out that things can be different.

I was averaging 300 pageviews everyday. And of course, I was overjoyed . . .

Till today . . .

Around afternoon today, I noticed that I crossed 1000 pageviews in a single day. The previous maximum  pageviews in a single day was not more than 600. 

I was really happy. But, to my horror, I found out that by late evening, my pageviews for the day had crossed a whopping 3000. At the point of my posting this, my ticker shows 3200 pageviews for the day. 

I wonder if there is some problem or is this sudden increase genuine. 

Appreciate help and advice. I've no clue on how I got such sudden increase in pageviews.

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