Sunday, June 2, 2013

OP Poisoning

A common term in most of the emergencies of hospitals in South East Asian countries, OP poisoning stands for organophosphate poisoning. 

We had the worst OP poisoning case ever in the annals of NJH couple of days back. 

SHD, a 26 year old, mother of 3, had gulped down an entire 120 ml bottle of Malathion after a tiff with her hubby. When she arrived, we had to literally pour Atropine down her veins to ensure that she remained asymptomatic. It was only after we had given about 3500 mgs of Atropine over 24 hours that she stabilised. 

Over the next day, we had weaned her out of the ventilator. However, we were very sure that 'Intermediate Syndrome' was just around the corner. I prayed that it would happen when we are around during daytime. 

But, that was not to be. I was just getting ready to hit the bed when she went into respiratory arrest. Dr. Shishir was operating on a severe pre-eclampsia patient with fetal distress when it happened. 

By God's grace, we've been successful in getting her well supported. Again, the staff in ACU did a magnificent job. The presence of mind and diligence was all the more evident as there were 3 eclampsia patients in the ACU

The next 24 hours are going to be crucial. 

We request prayers that she will be completely healed . . . and of course, specialist advice is definitely welcome. 

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