Thursday, June 13, 2013

Monsoon, from Neyyar Dam

After the ride to the Shankhumugham beach and the Veli Tourist Village yesterday, today, we went on a ride towards the east of Trivandrum City. First, we reached the Aruvikkara Dam. However, it was raining heavily. So, we decided to go further to Neyyar Dam and see the Aruvikkara Dam on the return journey. 

Neyyar Dam was no different. It was just raining heavily. 

However, I got to get few snaps of the Neyyar Dam. The scenery looks quite dull and depressing with the on and showers and the cloudy sky. 

But, we were in for a surprise as we had clear skies for about an hour after lunch. And the kids had their first boat ride. That would be in the next post.