Monday, April 7, 2014

System of Wheat Intensification

As part of the CBA Project, we had started off doing demonstration plots in various crops since last October. In one small plot of approximately 70 square metres, we did wheat cultivation as per techniques used in System of Wheat Intensification. Abinash Biswal, one of our project staff took the leadership in doing it and he's put it in his blog

Snaps of the same . . . most of them taken by Mr. Thomas John, Co-ordinator, Climate Change, EHA. 

From left to right - Prabodh, Mahendar, Rajeev, Sr. Rita, Mathias, Dinesh, Amit William, Jeevan, Dr. Roshine, Ms. Meghala, Ebez, Rachel, Sheron, Abinash

A closer look


The champion plant - had 46 heads from a single plant

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