Thursday, June 7, 2012

Monkey story . . .

I happened to come across a monkey family on one of my routine village visits. I decided to photograph them. I clicked a lot of photographs. It turned to be pretty good. And I even found out a story to go with the photographs. I hope you enjoy the photos and the storyline. Would be quite enjoyable for kids.


That is Papa monkey and Mama monkey waiting for the tuition teacher to come for their child – Baby monkey. Today is his first day of clases.

Baby monkey is very naughty and is learning all the wrong techniques of climbing trees. That's the reason, Teacher monkey was employed to give special lessons in tree climbing.

The parent monkeys wait as Baby monkey continues with his antics.

Papa monkey is getting inpatient. “Have we got the right monkey as the  teacher?” he says to Mama monkey. “I hope his degree certificate is not a fake,”
he continues.

Mama monkey also cannot hide her impatience. She looks to the sky to have an idea about the time. “I hope he has not lost his way,” she replies.

Mama monkey gets hold of Baby monkey and manages to quieten him down for some time before the teacher comes – if he ever comes.

Mama monkey keeps a watch on the traffic on the road to ensure that the  Teacher monkey doesn't get lost. Meanwhile, Baby monkey entertains thoughts of the Teacher monkey not coming today. He thinks of the various other options available to him. He could go to raid the mangoes along with his friends or  maybe try to sneak into one of the neighborhood kitchens. He thinks, “Wow, I wish the teacher doesn't come.”

Mama says, “Hey, son. I think I can see your teacher coming”. Baby monkey thinks, “Oh, no! All my plans for the afternoon are washed out.”

Mama monkey thanks the heavens, while baby monkey contemplates the grim one hour of training that awaits him.

“I hope I'm at the right address,” the Teacher monkey wonders.

 “Now, go fast. Don't keep your teacher waiting,” Mama monkey urges Baby  monkey to go down fast. “Yes, mama, I'm going down fast,” Baby monkey replies as he prepares to climb down.

 The Teacher monkey waits for his new pupil with trepidation. “The new  generation kids are a difficult lot to teach. I wonder how this one is going to be,” he thinks. He'll have to make the lessons interesting.

“Good afternoon, sir. Here I come.” The Baby monkey slowly gets down the tree as everybody watches.

The training starts . . . The Baby monkey finds the initial steps quite boring . . .

However, later he starts giving attention . . . 

He learns complicated steps . . . 

Well, all this training has helped him to succeed and go up in his life . . . 


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