Friday, June 8, 2012

Prayer Bulletin, NJH . . .8 June

1. We thank for the life of Sr. Martha Tigga, who went to be with the Lord yesterday. Sr. Martha served NJH for almost 30 years before she retired last year. Kindly remember her family in your prayers. 

2. We request your prayers for rains. The heat has been quite bad here with temperatures reaching as high as 50 degree celsius. 

3. Maternal health care is at crossroads here. The load of work in the hospital is on the constant rise. Meanwhile, the number of complicated cases are also on the rise - which stretches the resources even further. We thank the Lord for the successes we've had. There has been an increased number of deaths . . .and it is very disheartening to see . . .

4. We thank the Lord for the Skin Graft Mesher. 

5. Kindly pray as we prepare for the Annual Reporting meetings during the last week of June. 

6. Bandhs (General Strikes) continue to play havoc with normal life and the smooth functioning of the hospital. We feel sad when patients suffer. Kindly pray that people will realize the futility of such bandhs. 

7. Please continue to pray for the needs of the hospital. 2 Generators of 100 KV and 30 KV each are needed at the earliest. We need about 1,000,000 INR for the same. 

8. Schools for the children of the campus would be re-opening soon. A new school bus would be a welcome addition. (1,200,000 INR).

9. Please continue to pray for the admissions for the Nursing School. The response from the local community has been very subdued as the minimum qualifications have been raised from 10th standard to 12th standard. 

10. We continue to require a Pediatrician and a Medicine Consultant. 

11. We thank the Lord for Dr Sam David and Mrs Sarah David from EHA Central Office, Chennai who spent time with us for the last 4 days. 

12. I would be in Ranchi over the next 2 days traveling in the newly started Community Health Project in Khunti district of Jharkhand. Kindly pray for safety as well as wisdom as we meet the various stakeholders. 


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