Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fury of the Monsoon

I had only heard about how ferocious the monsoon appears along the sea coast. From quite a long time, I had wanted to see it. 

The opportunity came today when our 2 kids demanded that we go to the beach however inclement the weather is. It was raining quite heavily as we drove to the Shankumugham beach. However, we were lucky to have a 10 minute respite from the rain to click couple of photos. 

Below is the best snap I could manage . .. ...

I'm sure that the snap could not account for the howling winds and the roar of the waves. I was surprised to see that the entire beach was washed off. And the sea had come very close to the road. 

It was quite a different experience from our previous visits to the beach. 


  1. Gorgeous sea too seeing coming a bit closer! nice take...!

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  3. Wow!!! Wonderful and scary.... Not a very good idea to stand in close to a sea during monsoon... You never know when the water will rise suddenly.... Many accidents have taken place this way.....

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