Sunday, December 8, 2013

Child art . . . Perceptions or Innocense

Few days back, I came back home and saw a painting Shalom, our six year old son had painted and stuck to one of the cupboards at home. Later, Angel explained that he's drawn our family as a family of ducks.

You can see me, leading the pack.

Then, there is a very female duckling, most probably representing Chesed, the youngest one.

Following that is Angel, who is obviously the largest in the family.

After that there is a male duckling, which is of course, Shalom.

And the last is another female duckling, which is a bit bigger than the other female duckling, which should mean Charis.

I wonder if the painting is only an expression of art from my little boy or is it a complex representation of what he perceives about the family ! ! !