Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pray for us

Over the last fortnight we've had major incidents of social unrest in the region. 

There was a landmine blast in the neighbouring district of Aurangabad (about 60 miles from NJH) where policemen were killed on Dec 2. 

Couple of days back (Dec 8), we had a twin landmine blast about 5 kilometers away from our hospital near Charwadih village. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. One of our staff serving in the Community Based Rehabilitation project for People with Disability was just about 200 yards from the blast site, having just cross the area.

I took this snap of the second blast site yesterday when I went to Ranchi. The crater caused by the blast was about a meter deep

We thank the Lord for protection so far. 

We do quite extensive travels in the whole region for the Community Health work as well as hospital related issues. 

Pray for us . . . please. 

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