Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wish we had a surgeon

The below X-Ray is that of a middle aged lady to came to us today in outpatient. She had been having severe abdominal pain since yesterday. As is quite typical of the region, she had been taken to one of the witch doctors as well as a quack. The witch doctor had nicely smeared lime around her umblicus. The quack had given her Ranitidine tablets and Syrup Gelusil. 

I told our predicament to the relatives. They wanted that she be operated only by a surgeon. I referred her. 

Now, this is the third intestinal obstruction we got over the last 48 hours. 

And it is quite difficult to see them off as couple of us are quite well versed in doing this sort of surgeries, although we are not surgeons. People are quite aware now of how important it is to have a specialist see them. 

All the three patients with intestinal obstruction were not that rich. In fact, one of them was very very poor. 

This very poor patient, I offered to operate. They told that they would rather take the patient home rather be operated. 

Yes, they took the patient home. 

Please do look out for surgeons who would be willing to come and help us out. And please pray that we would get a surgeon till Jan 2015 when Dr. Nandamani would rejoin NJH for good. 


  1. Dr. Jeevan, God will make a way!!! Our prayers are with you and your team. May God use u all abundantly.

  2. Jeevan, I can help 1 month in the later half of 2014

  3. Jeevan, I can help 1 month in the later half of 2014