Monday, March 3, 2014

A big 'Thank You'

This post is to express our gratitude to a wonderful couple who makes life at NJH quite lively and facilitates neonatal care which has ensured quite a number of babies to live every year. 

Yes . . . you guessed right. It's Wendy and Gerry . . . the team from Grace Babies .. .. ..

Over the last 4 years, they have turned around a very docile neonatal unit to quite a busy place. About 400 babies were cared for last year. The training sessions continued this year too. Snaps from their visit. 

Of course, the gifts of baby blankets, caps and mufflers have made the place a lot colorful and the babies quite cosy. 

Well, the training sessions went a step ahead this year. Wendy trained nurses from 15 Catholic dispensaries, most of them in quite rural locales on neonatal resuscitation. 

So, the impact is going to be more widely felt . . . 

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  1. wonderful! I have happy memories of working with the Catholic sisters on our malaria work! Praise God for His favour and continued work in and through you all! You are really giving 'New Life' just like the name of the hospital!