Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bringing hope . . .

We regularly have patients who give us immense satisfaction at places like Kachhwa. Mrs. PPD was such a patient.

Mrs. PPD came to us in a very serious shape – more serious emotionally than physically. Just 33 years of age, PPD had been diagnosed to have Diabetes Mellitus about 6 years back. She had been running from one doctor to the next since then. She was scared of Insulin shots. Almost all the doctors she met told her the truth - the fact that she needed Insulin to keep her diabetes under control. But PPD was scared.

The depressive nature of PPD brought a sense of doom to her extended household. Her mother-in-law narrated on how the illness seems to have brought a pall of gloom into the home.

PPD came to us about a month back with serious infection. She was depressed and wanted to die. It was a major struggle for us to convince her that she needed insulin injections. Our team did quite a bit of persuasion and prayers to convince her. Initially, she was not ready to self administer the medication.

Over the course of her admission, we discovered that she had bilateral cataract. The issue was about getting the surgery done while the ‘surgery season’ was on. And then there was the spectre of diabetic retinopathy which could dampen the surgery. Of course, someone had went to the extent of telling her that she will not see again that she did not bother to mention about her low vision to us. It was one of our staff who noticed that she was fumbling with things that we realised that her vision was as low as 1/60.

We prayed for her. By God’s grace, from a situation of seriously uncontrolled sugars, the sugar levels were well controlled and she was able to undergo surgery.

Post-surgery, we were all concerned about how much vision she would be able to have. On removing her bandages, we praised God as she told us about how clearer her world has become.

PPD (left with the dark glasses) with her mother in law
(Consent obtained for posting snap)
PPD’s mother narrated on how she has become a lively presence in the house after her treatment. It’s so satisfying to have patients like PPD who appears to have lost all hope for her future. However, we're sure that had it not been for her extended family who was ready to stand with her in the treatment and encourage her, they would not have been able to bring back hope and joy in the house

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