Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Praise and Prayer Bulletin . . . May 1

1. Dr Johnson's father passed away last week. Kindly pray for the family as they go through a difficult phase in their lives.

2. We had been busy over the last couple of weeks. We thank for the patients whom we could save. Please pray for families who lost their loved ones especially the family of the boy who died after 3 members of the family got burnt.

3. The last financial year has been a mixed experience for us. Although our statistics has been on a constant rise, we've had quite a lot of expenses which has kept us in the red. We pray that we would be of help to the surrounding poor communities and shall be witnesses of the love of Christ in the year ahead.

4. We thank the Lord for the safe deliveries of Dr Angel, Sr. Chandrakala and Sr. Kanchan. All the mothers and babies are doing fine. 

5. We praise God that there has been quite a major improvement in the quality of the road to Daltonganj. In light of this, we look forward towards purchase of a school bus for the children. Kindly pray for this need. It would cost us about 1,300,000 INR (26,000 USD/AUDs, 15,300 GBPs). The present vehicle is almost 12 years old. 

6. The public electricity supply in this region continues to be quite pathetic. We spend about 150 litres of Diesel per day to run the generator, which is a major expense to the hospital. We look forward towards exploring alternate sources of energy. Kindly pray that we would make some sort of progress in this area.

7. Obstetric care continues to be on the rise here. We thank the Lord for the joys we have had over the last couple of weeks. However, we have felt that we need to train more of our staff in obstetric care. It would be wonderful to have a full time neonatologist to help us in the work.

8. In addition to the pediatrician, we also look forward to have a medicine consultant. Cases of fever and complicated cases needing intensive care has been a major challenge for us. We pray for a pediatric consultant.

9. Summer has started. It looks like it is going to be quite a harsh one. Please pray that our water reserves would see us through. Do pray that the staff will be protected from sickness during the harsh weather. And that we would receive timely and enough rain once monsoon sets in.

10. After a gap of 3 years, we had a plentiful harvest of fish (112 kilograms) from our pond. We thank the Lord for this encouraging sign.

11. RSBY has been well received by the local community. We had over 350 outpatients and about 80 in-patients since its inception. Please pray that we would receive funds from the insurance agencies in a time-bound manner. On May 4th, the District RSBY Office has organised a Medical Camp at Satbarwa to mobilise surgery patients. We pray that we would have enough learnings in the process. 

12. Please pray for our lawyer, Mr. BK Pandey. He lost his wife couple of months back and had gone into a bad depression. We had been managing him. Thankfully, he has recovered well. 


  1. Will be praying. Sad to hear about Johnson.

  2. keep going Friends - the Lord is taking you through - we are proud of all that you are doing! 1 Cor 15.58