Saturday, May 19, 2012

Prayer Bulletin . . . 20 May . . .

1. We thank the Lord that the progress of the burns building. Over the last week, we had the new Brick Making Machine arriving all the way from Coimbatore. We've already started making the bricks. 

2. Couple of weeks back, a major fire within the campus was averted. We thank the Lord that we were able to detect the fire on time and fire-extinguishers purchased quite recently were available on hand to put out the fire. In addition, we also had a major fire in the local telephone exchange following which our telephone connections had gone off for about a week. Couple of days back, our mobile connections were restored. The internet and landlines are still to be restored. 

The clump of bamboo trees that caught fire behind the mess
Smoke billowing from the burning telephone exchange . . . 
3. I hope that you read about my post about a particular incident published in paper couple of weeks back. Kindly pray for this country. The amount of occult and evil practices continue to hold a stranglehold in our society. Many of these practices which is aimed at the poorer and marginalized sections of the society continue in the name of traditions and customs. Please pray that people will see the futility of practices such as these. 

4. The need for a medicine consultant in the hospital is becoming all the more evident. In addition, we need a pediatrician and nursing personnel. We pray that the Lord will move the hearts of people to serve alongside us. 

5. The beginning of the hot and fiery summer came up with major financial liabilities for the hospital. To start with 2 of our generators crashed. By God's grace, we could repair one without much problems. Unfortunately, the second one which is actually the newer one was found to have a major fault which needs expensive repairs. To make matters worse, we realized that the newer one had some sort of technology which was not in use anymore and therefore is of no resale value. Which ultimately means that we should be planning to buy a new 100 KV generator which would cost about 700,000 INR (approx 14,000 USD/Euros or 9000 GBP). We had also been planning for a smaller 30 KV generator which would cost an additional 350,000 INR (approx 7,000 USD/Euros or 4500 GBP).

6. The urgent need for the purchase of new school bus remains, which would cost approximately 1,300,000 INR (approx 26,000 USD/Euros or 13500 GBPs). 

Our old school bus. When I had put this snap few weeks back someone suggested that the bus looks new.
Well, our engineer has kept it going on for some time now.  But the engine and interiors are quite worn out. 
7. Kindly pray as the minimum standards for the Clinical Establishment Act is formulated.

8. We thank the Lord for the students from CMC, Vellore and senior consultants, Dr Isac Jebaraj and Dr Prasanna who gave us company for about 2 weeks last month. We hope that this experience would widen their outlook to healthcare scenario in the Indian subcontinent and play a role when they determine their choice of service. 

The students at a teaching session

A visit to the nearby dam.
9. Quite a lot of of our staff would be away travelling during the next one month on holiday. Kindly pray for journey mercies as well as time of relaxation and rest during the holiday season. Please also remember those who are staying behind in the harsh summer (I heard that it is 46 degree Celsius today) to serve our patients.

10. We start the admissions for the Nursing School from next week. Kindly remember the entire process in your prayers.  

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  1. God bless your endeavor Jeevan. So much tasks and so many happenings and yet I believe God will make ways for you and your family and team. Regards!