Monday, February 20, 2012

Photo post . . .

The previous one was a blog full of prose. And some terrible snaps. . . More of the terrible snaps that we get to find here . . .

1. The first one, a 16 year old girl who presented in OPD with history of cough for about 10 years. She was being managed by quacks in her village and also with roots and herbs as part of traditional treatment. Till, she started to have fever since the last 6 months. And one day before reaching her, she started to spit out blood – which prompted her to come here. And the worse part was that she was severely hypoxic (SpO2 70%) that she was so confused.
2. Chest –Ray of a 45 year old lady who came in with chest pain and breathlessness.
3. A swarm of wasps who started to make their next on the roof of one of the campus buildings. Over the last 4 months, we had 2 patients who came in with anaphylaxis after wasp stings. Fortunately, both of them had survived.
4. The badly infected scalp wound of AM, who came to us last week. In my previous post, I had mistakenly mentioned that AM had gone to some health centre immediately after the injury. It was not true. The family thought of going to a health care provider only few days back from where he was referred here.
5. Chest X-Ray of one of our local villagers who fell through a partially constructed bridge while coming back home from work. Cannot blame the bridge alone as he was quite drunk to realise that he had fallen through. Only the next day, he realised that he was having difficulty in breathing as well as severe chest pain. And then he started to spit out blood . . .
6. Something which we had been searching for quite a long time. A skin mesher for use in our skin grafts. It’s quite expensive . . . 75,000 INR (approximately 1500 USD/AUDs, 1000 GBPs) Wondering if we could find a donor . . .
2012-02-06 10.48.28
7. And the final one. . . X-Ray after bullet injury on the thigh of a 20 year young man . . .
2012-02-17 22.49.36

Well, before I sign off this post, need to tell you that we had an amazing day of obstetric care at NJH today. Do watch out for the next post . . . 

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