Saturday, August 11, 2012

Photos Post . . .Snake Bites

The cobra which had bitten a lady. I insisted on seeing the snake after the relatives told me that a viper had bitten her. And I was sure it was either a krait or a cobra. I was not surprised when they brought the snake in. The 10 cc syringe was put in to show the actual size. Amazing . . . .isn't it? That people find it quite difficult to identify snakes . . . 

Well, here the relatives had identified the snake correctly. A common krait . . .

A viper bite of the hand. We had to do extensive fasciotomy of the hand.
The young girl has recovered well . . . 


  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaawe, the hand looks devastated.. do you use homeopathy at all for snake bites?? it is supposed to facilitate healing and improve immunity

  2. Did she lose the hand? I hope she was able to keep it.

  3. Que debes hacer en cazo de mordedura de cobra