Thursday, August 16, 2012

Praise and Prayer Bulletin . . . 15th Aug, 2012

1. We thank the Lord for 65 years of Independence. Sometimes, I wonder how responsible and proud we have been as citizens of this great Nation. We have miles to go before each Indian can feel proud of being a citizen of this great Nation. Pray for our Nation.

2. We thank the Lord that the statistics of the hospital continues to rise. We need more qualified and dedicated staff especially in the areas of critical care, neonatal care and internal medicine. I know that I mention this in almost all of my prayer bulletins.

3. We are thankful that projects have been approved to be implemented through our Community Health Project Team. However, here also, we need more committed staff. We are thankful that Mr. Thomas John, Co-ordinator, Climate Change, EHA is with us to facilitate implementation of the Climate Change Project. Kindly pray for all the planning being done. 

4. Maternal healthcare in the region continues to be an area of concern. Please pray . . . Meanwhile, the number of deliveries happening at NJH are on the rise. In July 2012, we've had 170 deliveries. 

5. We thank the Lord for the life of Mr. K D Lakra who retired from NJH. He spent his whole life praying and being a part of the initial building up of NJH.

6. Over the last week, we had quite a lot of very sick patients. Prominent among them was Mrs. MD, who came and had a cardiac arrest after coming with a Krait bite. Then there was SD who fell sick during a long road-journey. We are thankful that all of them went home well. 

7. We thank the Lord for Dr Basil who has taken charge of our Dental Department after Dr Aji Mathew left after completion of her service agreement. Kindly pray that Dr Basil will be a blessing to many and that NJH will leave an impact in his professional life. 

8. Dr. Nandamani's mother has not been keeping well for some time now. Kindly pray for her. Quite a lot of our staff are quite far away from their homes and loved ones. Please pray for extra protection and health for all our parents and loved ones far away. 

9. The need for a bus and a generator continues to remain. Please pray for the resources. The school bus would cost us around 1,300,000 INR (26,000 USD/AUDs, 15,300 GBPs). The generator is about 750,000 INR (13,000 USD/AUDs, 7,750 GBPs)

10. The weather has been very unpredictable since the last 2 weeks. We've had days with pleasant weather and heavy rain interspersed with hot and humid periods. The result has been that quite a lot of people have been keeping sick. Malaria and dengue are on the increase. Kindly pray for protection from both these menaces. 

11. There is some property which one of our former staff donated to the hospital long time back. Some of the local villagers were claiming ownership. We've decided to go ahead with putting up a boundary wall around the property. Kindly pray that there would not be any untoward incident.

12. Since quite a long time, we've been thinking of starting a Community College. We've taken a decision to start off with an Electrician course from January 2012. Mr. Dinesh would giving leadership for this. Please pray that we will be able to do this well. 

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  1. Very happy I came across your blog. Your work is inspirational! I spent 6 months at a hospital in a small village in Chad, I am now starting medical school, and hope to return overseas when I finish. Thank you for your dedication. I look forward to reading your blog. God bless!