Friday, August 24, 2012

The Bengal Monitor . . . Questions remains

The last time, I had done a post about the possibility of the bite of a Bengal Monitor being fatal, I had quite a few mails from people who told me that it is not known to be venomous. But the victim, SK ultimately succumbed. 

Well, yesterday, I had a young boy who came with a confirmed bite of a Bengal Monitor. Similar to the case with SK, I confirmed the offending creature by showing the victim snaps of the reptile from wikipedia. The snap he identified is the one below - 

Below is the snap of the bite site.

The bleeding from the gums.

The creature had bit him at around 4 in the evening. And he started to vomit blood at around 4:30 pm. He was at NJH by 5:00 pm. He was bleeding from his gums. Clotting time was more than 20 minutes.

Well, there are things about which we still do not have any idea. We gave an option to go to a higher centre, which the parents accepted. We have got the family's phone number. Shall post if we come to know anything . . . 

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